Two Idiots Abroad Gallery

  • A map to cluster all of my pictures taken, whilst spending 3 months across the USA

  • A map to cluster just the pictures taken in Navada

  • A map to cluster just the pictures taken on the beautiful Las Vegas strip

  • A map to cluster the picture on Tropicana Avenue in Vegas

  • The sexy Las Vegas sign

The Two Idiots Abroad gallery is a tool I built to plot the location of all of my pictures, when I spent 3 months traveling across the united states.

I adopted a clustering approach for displaying markers on the map. What this means is, the more you zoom out, the pictures that were taken close to each other will group on the map. The radius of each group has been optimised to minimise overlapping markers but maximise clusters.

Each cluster can represent any number of images, so to improve usability each marker will have a number which represents how many images are in the cluster. Depending on the amount of images in the cluster, different colours and size clusters will also be used. At any point clusters can be clicked on to view a gallery of all images in that cluster.

Once you have zoomed in a reasonable amount, you will start seeing image markers, these are markers that represent an individual picture.

Go take a look and please share if you like it.

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