About Me

Blog Eat Blog

I’m writing this in 2024 and I’ve not written a single blog post in 8 years. Even back then I’d hardly say I was a regular. What makes matters worse, I’m sure most my posts are now completely redundant with the rise of GPT and its brethren. Can I even produce content that GPT couldn’t produce more accurately and more up to date in 1,000th of the time. So that leaves me with the question, what now?

Back in 2016,  I was transitioning from fullstack engineer to cloud engineer and DevOps. So if I ever get back into the blogging scene, and I’d like to, my content will be very different. I certainly won’t be posting any more on MongoDB or PHP design patterns. I’d like to start posting video content that is accompanied with blog post. I’ve always liked that format when learning myself.

Content wise, I’d like to focus on the evergrowing DevOps space, Linux, home networking and anything else I’m reading, learning and thinking about to help consolidate my thoughts and hopefully teach something useful in the process.

Let the chips fall where they may!